I will…

I will acknowledge what is given and let it go. Acknowledge for bringing me happiness, let it go because I know it will not be the same way I want it.

Let it go as I know better things are coming and let it go for pain doesn’t define me.

I have made peace with nothingness and I see me grow everyday.

So you will see what you have lost and I will see, a life better when we wait, hopefully escaping from things capable of destroying our fragile hearts.

A dried yellow rose that I have been preserving for past few years.

Thank you for rading my poetry (♡˙︶˙♡)


Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.”

Hello! I am going to express my exquisite journey in Jalesh cruises through this blog with more pictures and less words.

The beautiful ship

Sail into the moon ♡
I like small art that draws your attention and makes you wonder.
A perfect destination to chill.
I am definately a sucker for glass jars and indoor plants.
I am having something like this in my house pretty soon.
Living in hostel for past 5 years, gaining weight from mess food is a big no no. But look at this m..e..s…s..!
“Crosby, Stills and Nash is playing
Wine is flowing with Bacardi” – Lana Del Rey, Bartender.
Jars, plants and shells. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
The water front restaurant with beautiful lighting and 5 ☆ dining.
Moon, neon lights and a summer gown. Not a bad combination at all. (also, wear a lot of highlight)
Where tea and coffee do not discriminate.



Whether you crave for a far eastern delicacy with strong aroma or whether you want the softness of Danish carrot buns;

Whether its a vegetarian dish hand picked from every part of the world or a gastronomic journey of tikkas from fine tandoor, Karnika offers you the best of everything.

Savour your sweet tooth with ever satisfying desserts and pop your tongue with tart-spiced street food of india all at one place that too over the ocean!

Perfect breakfast doesnt exi….
Gulab jamun in a cheese cake!
I bet you never witnessed a gatte ki sabzi like that.
Congratulations on witnessing the aesthetic street food of India.

Stay tuned for more!

Thinking what we used to be…

I lie in bed awake at night thinking what we used to be. I can’t believe its over now and you have moved on without me.

Just thinking of you makes my heart swell, and oh! A tear falls down my cheek.

I can’t believe you renounce this love just like dust on floor we sweep.


I wonder how rain is disquiet to some, it blesses me with tranquility everytime it comes.

Someone once told me never curse the rain for it brings prosperity, health and shape.

The rain sings me a lullaby and recesses the screeching sounds of morose, abhorrence and agonise.

My soul sings the dearest songs and suddenly everything appears green and calm.

I have been a disbeliever all my life but these silver drops from heaven are really a touch of divine

They make me believe, I am loved. If not from a creature but the creator above

And that fills me with solitude where I find my answers, to brush aside dejection, to forgive those who didnt even apologise and a reason to live.

The bracing winds, so gentle and kind to my skin for I know its pure and real than those touch from flesh that always changed their course.

Nature is so much beautiful when it sends your soul on a holiday, and I believe now I am so much blessed than I thought the other way .

I hope you enjoyed my poetry. Here’s a link to one of my favourite rain music: https://youtu.be/A7Wo0MnC4z8

So are you guys also pluviophiles just like me? Share your unfogettable moments in rain.

(´ ▽`).。o♡

Now that I am 25

1. Your opinion doesn’t matter at all.

As we grow old, we realise social obligations bind us more than band-aids that adhere with the wound.

We want to be noticed, be part of the social circle and present our instagram and facebook beautifully and aesthetically even though our house is untidy.

We want to be a part of gatherings and parties where all our popular colleagues are invited. We want to be a part of ‘mean girl squad’, or may be upload a voguish picture of our group with caption ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ in it.

May be we feel more obliged than the introvert next door who is not ‘cool’ enough or may be we enjoy all the drama and attention that comes with it. But there is a cost to everything. The warmth and pleasantness one feels on sharing the heartbreak with ‘the supportive friend’ or may be the ‘best friend’ soon becomes a local news.

But your heart is lonely. And the friend who gives the best advices is also a college Prophet, messanger of gossips and not the messanger of love.

It may sound like nothing but your heart breaks into pieces when your emotional trauma is nothing but a joke to everybody.

And so as I have completed a quarter century of my life, I realise that the concept of a heavy heart that loses weight on sharing doesn’t apply with real people. And so I do not entertain people who come running asking me about my ‘toxic relationship’ or my father searching a suitable groom for me. Because I know when you’ll all be sitting drunk in a party where I wouldn’t be invited, you need something to laugh at and you would be laughing at me. So yeah, I do not need your opinion until I ask for it.

2. Find your kindered spirit

I do not want you to be the Monika to my Rachel or Raj to my Howard. I know in real life, it doesn’t work that way. Your life is not a sitcom.

I want you to be the Diana to my Anne and Zahid to my Sam.

To uphold a true friendship, you need to be a true person first. And you only become a true person when you are honest with yourself. Honest to your needs, mental as well as physical. And then find the person who understands the value of it.

3. Be a little selfish.

At the age of 25, one should understand the difference between foolishness and investment. In a few years, your children might look up to you and ask you ‘why’. If that doesnt scare you enough I dont know what will.

At this point of life you prepare yourself for the future generation, how you invest in yourself directly or indirectly shapes them.

Dont be a people’s pleaser and instead work on yourself. Help others, provide them with support and love but not at the cost of yourself. Learn to say NO.

4. Be Humble.

We meet a rich but naive person, sometime, someday or may be frequently and our life becomes nothing but a presentation. Presentation of publically parading our possessions and accomplishments even though we might not have much of it. But it feels good to be validated and standing superior to others.

Soon that kind of validation conceals your mind and sucks all the peace out of it.

So when a rich person talks only about money, even though he has plenty of it, he has nothing else apart from it. He is still thirsty and wants more of it. When we feel we have enough, everything that surrounds us is like a blessing. Things they possess might have high prices, but what we have is priceless. So be humble and realistic.

Rich doesn’t always mean success. A wise teacher who gives all their life for the upliftment of students has more respect than a business man’s son who got everything in family posession. Always remember that.

5. Believe in yourself

And when you do, people will definately bring you down. And when they do remember the first point. You are right for yourself, not anybody else.

I hope you all had wonderful time. (*^3^)/~♡

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